Joi Is Back To Get Hot Heavy & Bad On The ‘One’

While it may have been a few years since we last heard from singer Joi Gilliam on
the national front, the slim diva with the humongous voice has stayed busy in Atlanta with
frequent gigs, including as host of a popular, weekly jam session. Well, now she's ready
to kick things up another notch with her latest musical incarnation at the helm of the
new band, Hot Heavy & Bad formed with her boyfriend Devon Lee (who also owns the
historic Pal's lounge where her weekly show takes place and where their project was
recorded). "I think people who like what I do will love this project," she said in a recent
cover story with Atlanta's Creative Loafing. "It's me evolving in my art." That evolution
was recently celebrated at a party trumpeting both the arrival of her cover story and the
duo's debut video, "One," which manages to be eclectic, soulful and funky at the same
time. And in true Joi fashion, the accompanying visuals are also a break from the norm with a black and white vid that is at times both sensual and slightly unnerving. Be sure to peep it below and let us know if you think of Hot Heavy & Bad.

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19 Responses

  1. this sounds like some satanic verse shit that Salman Rushdie would bump................................I cant mess with this shit.

  2. All I can say about this one is that I tried...really hard.

  3. I LOVE this song and can't wait to get my hands on this entire project! I think the video is dope and different from the things we are used to seeing! Long live Joi and her awesome creativity and super talent!

  4. This video makes me regret I've forgotten all of the film tricks I learned in undergrad. I loooove the arthouse feel of the vid and I think Joi is the baddest mama around! I really want to see her live at Pals Lounge. Selfishly, I don't want her to go mainstream because she always seems so accessible, but I wish her the best in whatever she does. I hope this new project is as dope as she is.
    @stoney- you my boy, but Rushdie was not a devil worshipper. The title of his book is misleading if that's what you're going by. The vid has a "The Ring" kind of feel to it which probably scared you, which makes sense. I admit, it is very dark, but I like it. It works.

  5. This song is classic Joi! It's great music and those who don't like it probably aren't true Joi fans. I'm supporting her, always, and I can't wait until the album drops. The video is very different. She's not afraid to go outside of the little box that music videos are trapped in. Love it Joi! Keep it up and continue to push that creative, eclectic envelope!

  6. this is hot. the song is crazy futuristic funky and progressive. art direction, rem sequences, lighting and styling is seriously on point. it makes me want to know more about the story which is what this format should do.

  7. I specifically remember the way Joi explains her relationship is that it is a PARTNERSHIP. Devon Lee is a MAN not a boy. Thanks U very much!
    Anywho-madd love to Joi and Devon Lee aka HOT HEAVY & BAD!!! They are definitely that. The video is awesome! Thanks for true art!!!

  8. While I "liked"the video it still makesme think of a quote that I associate with Joi and her type.
    "One must touch the ground every now and then to recognize how high in the clouds the are."

  9. I've been wondering where Joi took her "Tuesday Night Jam Session" I was a regular visitor when it was at Sugar Hill. She is definitely a treat to see live. Now about this video....I must say I found it visually intriguing and masterfully done. It was very erotic and flowed with the song quite nicely. I don't know about the song though. It may have to grow on me or something.
    @Moon I like the accessible feel about her too, but like you, she deserves the national acclaim.

  10. I love the song and video!!! True Talent....

  11. I tried but couldn't do it. This song gave me an eerie, uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps that was the point. I don't know.

  12. How original is that? Wow. I'm diggin' that space funk from start to finish!

  13. I like. Very Dark, NIN-esque if you will and visually stunning to boot. Kudos to the Star Kitty and her clan. I'll be checking for the album

  14. I could do without the video. Joi really doesn't make wack music. Some of my favorites from back in the day.

  15. LOOOOOVE IT!! Joi Is The Dopest Funk Vocalist EVER!! Lil Mama Can SANG!! VIDEO IS HAWT!! Check her out at Pal's every chance I get. The girl is bad and she's super cool to boot. BORN STAR!!

  16. Always good to hear a Joi again. Trippy music, disjointed video, intelligent sexuality, and heavy grooves and vocals, why isn't most R & B like this

  17. I love it. I think the video captures the tone of the song beautifully. I just hope she breaks through on this. It has been sad watching lesser talents who bit her style get more attention. There is simply no better artist of her generation than her. Period.

  18. This is so hot!! I love 'Joi and artist alike. Something different for the eyes and ears! I'm loving it!

  19. This is so hot!! I love 'Joi and artist alike. Something different for the eyes and ears! I'm loving it!


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