K-os Is ‘The Anchorman’

I have so much love for k-os. He is like a significantly less annoying Wyclef with much more talent. I have copped nearly all of what he has ever released and now that we've entered the age of mixtape releases being on par with actual album releases from record labels, it only makes sense for k-os to jump on the bandwagon. His latest, The Anchorman Mixtape, is an ode to that lover of Scotch and mahogany-scented condos, Ron Burgundy. I wasn't quite sure about "Faith," the song featuring Drake, but since Drake is only on it but for a brief moment, it makes the rest of it so much better. My favorite track right now is "Dance in YO Car" featuring k-os' lovely blend of singing and rhyming, rock and ska. Get the goods below. 

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1 Response

  1. K-OS should be a household name at this point. He puts out way above average music and nobody really does it like him. He used to stay on repeat in my ipod. I would say hes a way way less annoying, more talented, at least he makes hit songs. Wyclef hasn't been good since the score.