Lyriciss Got That ‘Hot Music’

I'm not up on DC-based rapper Lyriciss, but thanks the trip down Memory Lane that his song "Hot Music" is taking me on, he's now on my radar. What set this track off for me was the sample of Soho's "Hot Music," a song that I sweated out many a relaxer to at The Ritz, Kilimanjaro's and numerous house parties on Georgetown's campus back in the day. Lyriciss puts a fresh coat of hip-hop paint on the 20-year-old song, much like k-os did eight years ago on his "Superstarr Pt. Zero," which also flipped the popular club hit. Lyriciss is nice with his, riding the beat while boasting about his skills and calling wack rappers out. The black and white video is pretty paint-by-numbers as far as hip-hop videos set on a white soundstage with a rapper rapping to the camera are concerned, but it looks like everyone involved had fun making it. Now if you'll excuse me, I can't type and soul clap at the same time.

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2 Responses

  1. dude is nice with his but I think K-os joint was a better. This joint by soho was a massive burner back in the day when it dropped................

  2. Thanks for some good audio treats this weekend--this and the new De La. Good to hear new-to-me artists, like Lyriciss, who have originality and talent.