Mac Miller Brings You Some Of That ‘Good’

Just as I was about to go on a Twitter rant about how certain younger hip-hop artists are extremely disappointing--Lupe Fiasco, I'm looking at you--I stumble upon Pittsburgh's Mac Miller. Not only is "Good Evening" a track that nicely samples The Isley Brothers' "Between The Sheets" a great idea, but the youth inherent in his voice is an indication of his lyrical ability. Managing to spit three verses in the course of a near four minute-long track without boring me? That's impressive. Also impressive? His fourth full-length mixtape K.I.D.S. drops in two days. Have I done my best to peak your interest yet? Make sure to check his video for "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza," a great reminder of the era when the Diggin' In The Crates Crew ruled, after the bounce. Get to pressin' and playin' below. 

After the bounce

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4 Responses

  1. It's hard for me to get into white rappers. I try but 9 times out of 10 it just sounds wierd to me. I almost called the sandman on dude but I stuck with him. The track definitely did'nt hurt. Completely agree about Lupe, he was supposed to be the future. It's like he got left behind in school. I wouldnt even miss him a this point.

  2. Completely disagree on Lupe. It's funny how fickle we are as fans. Give the man time to create. I'd rather wait for a dope effort than be stuck with little subpar projects. Look at Maxwell. He came back with what I feel is the best r&b album of the 21st century after a longgggg siesta.

  3. kid aint bad kind of reminds me of another white rapper from back in the day named Miilkbone..................................

  4. I didnt say I wouldnt wait and I didnt say I wouldnt buy whatever he drops because I would and I would. Theres just so much good music out right now that he wouldnt be missed while he was away. When he first came out there wasn't much comp for the next generation of MCs, now there's a pretty nice list of promissing up and coming intelligent rappers that have put out consistantly good music. I think Lupe is great I just dont think he's the nicest of them all. Maybe its my PG county bias.