M.I.A. Gives Us Some ‘XXXO’ Then Gets ‘Illy’

If there's one thing I've realized about M.I.A. so far, it's that she definitely dances
to the beat of her own drum. Though the chameleon-like beauty has proven her
ability to constantly reinvent her look and her sound, one thing always remains
constant--her refusal to follow the norm. She stays true to form with her latest two
videos, "XXXO" and "Illy Girl."

Although "XXXO" sounds more like a pop tune heard on Z100, it's all M.I.A.,
who slithers around singing about not being who people want her to be. Lots
of close-ups of her glossy, red-stained lips adds to the video's sensual feel.

The dizzying visuals for "Illy Girl" fit the song perfectly, as the camera dances
to the pounding electro beat of the song. Whereas the video for "XXXO" is ripe
with flowery animation and a sexed-up version of the controversial artist, this
video adopts a much simpler approach, replacing all the fanciness with just
a shot of a solitary M.I.A. running down the middle of a deserted road. Even
though I like this song better than "XXXO," it was hard to make it through to the
end without feeling like I popped one too many bottles, then spun around in
circles. Peep both sides of M.I.A. and see if you can make it through both.


2 Responses

  1. I have never understood her. I have tried so many times but I just haven't dug anything she's ever done. She's an enigma to me.

  2. I have a headache now.
    Did she rhyme Paula Deen with mangosteen in Illy Girl?
    At least she can keep a low budget on video shoots. Smart woman.
    I like her though. Don't know why, maybe it's the whole "I'm not gonna be who you want me to be" thing...but I like her.


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