SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #10 ‘Human Nature’

I like livin' this way
I like lovin' this way


There's something so strong about "Human Nature" upon first listen. It's almost as though an invisible thread runs from the speakers this song may be emanating from to your belly button straight to the depths of your soul. Strong enough to make an eight-year-old me exclaim "That's my jam!" just like most of you did when you first heard it. "Human Nature" is a curious song at the very least because, while its melody is more consistent with a love song, the lyrics are more consistent with Michael Jackson expressing his initial interest in someone. The interest that occurs prior to "hello." It's the interest that occurs within moments of initial eye contact of the person you hope to get to know better.

It's interesting to note that "Lady In My Life," Thriller's other ballad, seems so much more open and raw than "Human Nature" seems to be. "Human Nature" is the edgier, overtly masculine side of Michael, while "She's Out Of My Life" is as the title suggests, the desperate, sensitive side of his personality we're so used to seeing. If anything, this song's ability to touch so many over the years since Thriller was released is more evidence that to love this song is as natural as it is for all of us to simply be human. 

Michael Jackson: "Human Nature"

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  1. this is my personal favorite. Glad to see it make the top 10. can't wait to see the rest.

  2. When I listen to this song, something magical happens: I feel warm breeze of summer night, anticipation of adventure and nostalgia. I adore live performances of this masterpiece.

  3. This song is pure magic, no doubt about it. Always was, always will be.
    Ahem, She's out of my life is not on Thriller, it's on Off the wall 🙂

  4. I can't describe how the energy of this song makes me feel. It's kind of mystical yet peaceful. Almost like floating.
    It's hard to believe that this song started of as a small interlude heard on a demo tape.

  5. Woulda been my number one, but glad you put it in the top 10

  6. Yes, MJ4Simo. You are correct. It has been changed.

  7. Human Nature is divinely transcendent; an angelic masterpiece. If God could produce a song, it would be Human Nature - Patrick D. Shaffer

  8. The musicianship on this song is ridiculous. It just puts me in a trance.

  9. This song is so ethereal. Like fresh air every time you hear it.

  10. What always brings a tear to my eye (especially right after his death as the song was heavily rotated in MTV's "Breaking News" segue) is that part right after he says, "I like lovin' this way...(that way)." That etherial bellowing is so haunting; how his voice seemlessly flutters on the melody as only Michael Jackson could do it. It's undoubtedly one of the best audible experiences of my life. That brotha' was crying out his soul!
    There aren't enough beautiful metaphors to describe it, but if you could hear a rainbow or a sunset, that is what it would sound like. Particularly in the last few seconds...that chord change....*sigh* Along with the warmth of the synths, I felt like I had died & was transcending to heaven.
    I get goosebumps now just thinking about it. A masterpiece of music. Miss ya, Mike. :*(

  11. Love this song. As I watched THIS IS IT...Human Nature was the only song that made me cry. For the rest of the film I was just loving and rocking. May he rest. There will be no other.

  12. Remember this tribute posted last year?

  13. This is my song right here, this is what heaven sounds like. I love when he performed this song live.

  14. I can't really explain how much I love this song.....& its probably my favorite song for him to perform live.

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    This is definitely one of my favourites and one of MJs best songs.

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    This is definitely one of my favourites and one of MJs best songs. i think it deserves to be further down the list.

  17. It is hard to say what my favorite MJ song is, because his music is the soundtrack of my life. But if I had to really choose Human Nature comes to mine. Definitely in my top 5.