SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #15 ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

You're just a product of loveliness
I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress.


Ah, love. Michael Jackson's love life may have been somewhat tumultuous; he was, afterall, twice-divorced and a single father of three. But in his twenties he was as yet unblemished by love's hardships. His ability to feel and embody that young, giddy joyousness is evident when you listen to "The Way You Make Me Feel". The third single from Bad (and the third to go #1, naturally), "The Way You Make Me Feel" is an upbeat and flirtacious song about young love (or lust--the lines blur in youth, no?). It's about love, but it's not what I'd call a love song. There's nothing sappy or pleading or smarmy about this track--it's just boisterous. Boisterous basslines and finger snaps and braggadocious crooning ("I swear I'm keepin you satisfied, cause you're the one for me"). It's confident.

In fact, "The Way You Make Me Feel" is almost celebratory, isn't it? Celebratory of women (the heels, the walk, the talk, the dress), celebratory of that new new and the giddiness that leads to those butterflies in your belly. Maybe that's why it's so much fun to dance to this song. It's almost impossible not to. Unfathomable to do so without conjuring the iconic music video: a cat and mouse game between an extremely cocky and playful Michael and his passive would-be paramour, model Tatiana Thumbtzen. I always thought the video had its weirdly predatory moments--shouting "HEY!!!" at a girl who is seemingly paying him no mind and then chasing her down the street with his homeboys in tow into a dead-end alley and pelvic thrusting--would that really work? But she does totally entertain his antics, though. I mean, it's Michael. He's adorable and harmless, and she even starts getting a kick out of his relentless chase when she trots away to join her homegirls (including a very young and gorgeous looking La Toya Jackson).

Anyway, I think Tatiana fell in love with Michael when he was humping the ground in the busted fire hydrant-soaked moonlight. I fell in love at the "G'on girl! Go on! Oww!" myself.

(Bonus: you know you wanna dance like MJ and get the girl. This guy will show you how.)

Michael Jackson: "The Way You Make Me Feel"

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7 Responses

  1. This was when Michael entered his crotch grabbing stage. This was one of my least favorite MJ videos, probably because the long version made no sense, breaking car windows, crotch grabbing, writhing on the ground.......but the song was nice.

  2. I love you MJ he's too sexy in the video. The Bad era was perfect.

  3. Soulrific, I think you might have the "Way You Make Me Feel" and "Black or White" videos mixed up. Ain't no window bussin' in this video. I must admit, the ground-humpin' and the random moaning kinda confused me (hey, I was 11), but this video is a classic and the song is probably "Bad"'s best.

  4. Blerd, I don't have the videos mixed up. The original version of this video had Michael busting out the window of a car with his hand and a crowbar. This is the altered version. The original was met with so much criticism, that Michael had them cut the parts of him bashing cars and touching himself multiple times as he danced on the roof of the car.
    The original version was aired on like all 3 network channels at the time and it was after that airing that people started talking about how vile Michael was in the video, hence a cut of footage.

  5. @Soulrific LOL you are really confused, this is The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or white is the video that had the last 4 minutes removed because of his sexual dancing and smashing windows.

  6. "would that really work?" -- it would work if your name is Michael Jackson!

  7. @soulrific I've gotta go ahead and be the 3rd person to ask: you sure you're talking about this video and not "black or white"? I don't remember any other version of this video; certainly not one where he was smashing out windows. I went on a google search frenzy and couldn't find a thing about that. the only video he did that in, to my knowledge (and my MJ knowledge is pretty vast) is "black or white".