We Don’t Always ‘Understand’ Trey Songz, But Karina Pasian Does

Say what you want about Trey Songz. Yes, his corny, clichéd moments far outweigh any substantive moments that have so far been gleaned from his career. But even I had to pause when I saw that SoulBounce favorite Karina Pasian had a song "Understand Me" with Trey that didn't make the cut from her debut album, First Love. They both sound great and Karina sounds sweet as always. And don't worry, Trey wasn't trolling about inventing sex or anything else like that on this track. Thank goodness. [H/T: TIRB]

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2 Responses

  1. Before the braggadocio. Something about her reminds of the freshness that Brandy represented when she released her first cd.

  2. lol.....Soulbounce be goin in on Trey........the thing is, his first & second albums were dope. It wasn't until Ready that I was not feelin' his shit.
    And yea Karina can sing her ass off.