Can Nivea Come ‘Stronger’ Than Sade?

Everybody stop. Just hold up one second. I know what you're thinking. Yes, the thought of someone named after a better-than-average drugstore body lotion remaking Sade's undisputed classic and soundtrack to my junior high dreams, "Stronger Than Pride," should amount to blasphemy, right? It would, if Nivea didn't do such a halfway decent job with this cover for her Nivea Undercover mixtape set to come out sometime this fall. Now that mixtapes have unofficially taken over albums as the medium for artists to showcase their music, we can wait to see how she does with the rest of the tracks. The real question is, does Nivea do as well as Rahsaan Patterson does with his cover of "Stronger Than Pride"? Peep a performance of his after the bounce and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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19 Responses

  1. It's definitely an improvement from her other bitter bitch video. I feel so sorry for her sometimes; her Dream turned out to be a nightmare. And a baby with a goblin. All well. it sounds pretty good.

  2. I'm sorry but Rahsaan Patterson blows Nivea away with this performance. Her rendition, while decent, lacks depth and originality, and dare I say soul. It does not impress me. On the other hand, Rahsaan should record this (with permission and giving all due respect, of course) ASAP. Nivea should rethink her approach and hopefully the new and original work she preps for her mixtape will make a better impression.

  3. I dig it. Light and airy. More than decent.
    Definitely not better than the originator but Sade is not Jesus... you can remake her words and have your interpretation accepted. Psuedo bohemians please get off your own nuts.

  4. When I started watching the Nivea version, I admit that I started to get mad. By the time I reached the end, it was clear that my problem was the video itself. Without the ridiculous video, I probably would have thought... eh, sounds fine.
    Sade would be great for covers, but the fact is that there is no point if you aren't going to come correct emotionally. Notice to all who try: Sade's gift is emotion... we can feel the difference.

  5. Yeah honestly I dont have to hear Nivea's version to know its not as good as Rahsaan's or Sade's But I can tell you this........
    You can get rahsaans version via itunes...its a bonus when u buy his latest "Wines & Spirits

  6. Between the two, my vote goes to Rahsaan.
    Will definitely get that from iTunes.

  7. Sorry, her version is no where near as lovely as Sade, smooth and stylish, Sade has that and nobody has been able to cover it.

  8. Love Rahsaan, hated his version of this, not a Nivea fan, didn't care for her version either. Verdict: some songs just can't be covered, and I'm a mucho fan of covers. Leave this Sade gem untouched.-QH

  9. Ok, first off, the original can't be touched at all unless you sing it the same, the Balil version is much better then Nivea to me because its more soulful and a bit more artful as well. Not to mention he can really sing.Glad that she attempted. but she falls short. When doing a remake, you have to come off with the same feeling the original gave people or a different interpretation of the song

  10. Rahsaan is leaps and bounds ahead of Nivea. His creativity and touch is seen on his interpretation. She's basically trying to be Sade in her incarnation, and doesn't stand a chance with that.

  11. sorry i always confuse balil and rahsaan patterson for some reason but i know their music

  12. Her version sounds like a respectful cover of a much loved classic. What more can you ask for? She did alright, you go Nivea! That song probably means alot to her.

  13. Isn't weird that the show KIDS Incorporated produced ACTUAL musical talent? ( I don't think I am referring to Fergie, Martika and Wild Orchid)
    I just recently learned that the the little black boy from that show was Rahsaan and I have been a fan of his for years. He is such and outstanding vocal artist I LOVE HIM!!!

  14. I think she did a good job...she doesnt try to be anyone other than Nivea. I commend her for singing something OTHER than empty pop songs (ie dayum near anything NeYo or Dream have written for pop divas for past couple years). Looking forward to her mixtape

  15. Nivea sang along, Rahsaan killed it!!

  16. Oh Nivea, bless your heart. Better than anticipated, but NOBODY'S touching Rahsaan's rendition! I never even considered covering this song until I saw him singing it on YouTube. Hearing him sing it again makes me want to put it back on the shelf though. His range is BANANAS and he just gives it! I bow before greatness.

  17. Actually, I prefer Nivea's version surprisingly. Sade songs were never meant for the vocal acrobatics that Rashaan tries to incorporate. Sweet, simple and elegant best captures the song imo.

  18. Like your 1st love, nothing can touch that special place in your heart. Both are hearty efforts BUT some things just can't be touched.....I'm staying with the original.

  19. Why feel sorry for Nivea? Who told her to fvck Dream and Wayne? & after she had daughter Navy with Dream did she stop? No. She married him & next had twin sons with him!
    She doesnt have to do anything bc she had 3 checks from Terius and 1 check from Wayne.