Can You Stay ‘Away’ From This Faith Evans & Keyshia Cole Track?

There have been quite a few leaks from Faith Evans' newest Something About Faith which drops this Tuesday, October 5th. There was this track Redman collaborated on with her that I still couldn't sit all the way through and now there's "Can't Stay Away" with Keyshia Cole. For what it's worth, it's good background music if I'm trying to get some reading done or I'm trying to find my keys, but it's not moving me enough to want to give it another listen. That's just me. Take a listen to it and let us know what your verdict is in the comments.

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9 Responses

  1. Even with a few bad tracks, she has more than enough good tracks on the album, to still make you wanna purchase it. The album is incredible, I love it!

  2. "For what it's worth, it's good background music if I'm trying to get some reading done or I'm trying to find my keys..." lmaooooo!!! sad but true.
    i sincerely hope this is the worst thing on the album. i'll end up buying it anyway because it's Faith.

  3. I dunno... The CD is ok, but its somewhat of a letdown. Theres no major ballads or jams that jump out in a major way. I wouldnt exactly consider it "incredible", but then things like this is subjective.

  4. Oh man the whole background music for trying to find one's keys notion is hilarious. I'll buy the album because I love Faith and want to support her but she really has to come harder than this. I'm used to her melodies and lyrics being a bit more inventive. I'm also not a huge Keyshia Cole fan and just don't feel as though their two voices work well together.

  5. Got to agree, that Redman collabo was hard listening to and i still haven not listened all the way through either, as for this track with Keyshia, its just ok, if it were release as a single i wouldnt buy it, the only tune i have heard that i love it 'the way you move'

  6. By far my least favorite Faith album, but it's still better than a lot of other stuff that's being released. I'm still gonna support because I'm a Faith Stan, but I want morefrom her. I need more from her.

  7. I loved this track. I've always enjoyed Fatih but I don't think she needed Keyshia for this one. This track would do best while on a plane to visit that special someone in your life. A transatlantic romance.


  9. What happend to Faith ? This album is far from incredible. I'll admit I tried to force myself to like it b/c I am a huge fan but there were only like 5 songs worth listening too. Her lyrics this time sound so simple and uninspired. Well until next time I'll be bumping Faithfully yours.


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