Follow Andy Allo & Blu To ‘DreamLand’

More brown-hued people should utilize the color gray into their wardrobes. I know gray is associated with ambiguity, impending doom, and rain, but black is associated with death and malice yet that's a color I can't take off. Andy Allo's "DreamLand" featuring Blu was released last year and when I envisoned the video, gray was not a color that came to mind. Now that I've seen the visual accompaniment to this song, I have to give props to the director for bringing to life the trance-like state that this song embodies. Crystal blue water, a couple in love, a sexy chanteuse, and a sleepy yet lyrically-adept rapper. It's overall niceness. Be sure to set your alarm and wake yourself up when it's over. 

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5 Responses

  1. Total co-sign on the color gray. Heather gray is my favorite t-shirt color and I just bought this banging dark gray dress for fall. Fashion aside, love this video. Andy is such a cutie.

  2. THIS.
    I forgot all about this track. I agree about the gray. And the conversational-ism of the last verse is golden.

  3. Simple yet beautiful video. Her voice is dope. She reminds me a bit of Vivian Green but better.

  4. I always buy gray I have to make myself at least look at other colors but dernit theres nothing wrong with loving gray!

  5. shit is dope what else can I say?