Jay Electronica Stans Rejoice Then Saddened Again

Pardon me for my tardiness to this partyness, but there has been much news in Jay Electronica's world as of late. Hip hop's most eagerly-anticipated-lyricist-who-has-never-released-an-album let this track, "Shiny Suit Theory," play during a recent LA performance. Is this track an ode to Diddy's short-lived involvement in Jay's career? Who knows. I do know that I was all excited to hear that Act II was going to be released on Jay's birthday on September 19th until a certain someone caused the album to be delayed due to legal entanglements of claims that he wrote all of Jay's rhymes. Ugh and sigh. Until we get some new Jay in our hands, you can replay this track, which also includes the same sample "Ain't Got the Love" by The Ambassadors that Pete Rock & CL Smooth used for their "I Got A Love," as often as you want. [H/T: HOT]

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2 Responses

  1. Was wondering when someone was going to bring this up...

  2. I listened to B.A.S.E... I don't hear any similarities between Jay's lyrics and rhyme structure with Carter's. The beats do sound a bit like Act I, this is just a ploy to draw attention to his mixtape.