Jazmine Sullivan Is Only Giving You ’10 Seconds’

Ladies, have you ever been so fed up with a guy and his foolishness that he had you
tripping over yourself to get to the phone to call Cousin Pookie and 'dem to come
and whip his tail? Well, apparently Jazmine Sullivan feels your pain. "10 Seconds," the
latest song to trickle down from her upcoming album, Love Me Back, finds the vocal
powerhouse warning her wayward lover that he only has 10 seconds to get to stepping--or else. Produced by Salaam Remi, Sullivan sings the song with such an intensity that it
would be hard to imagine that she isn't singing from experience. However, ultimately,
whether the song is true or not is unimportant, as it will surely become the get-over-him anthem of females the world over--this brokenhearted writer included.

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10 Responses

  1. Like (but not love) the song, hate the album cover.

  2. It is ashame her talent is underappreciated.

  3. feel the song! thanks, Ivory.
    ....from the brokenhearted reader

  4. I’m a Jazmine fan, but this song is not doing it for me. Her vocals are always the business, but it seems like she just screaming another ‘he dun done me wrong’ song. I know Jazmine’s singing/songwriting vocabulary is much more deeper than this. She is truly underrated, but I fear she will remain that way if she doesn’t paint with different colors that show case her ingenious gift.

  5. So predictable....

  6. I agree with Ms. Hill and Kimberly. I love me some Jazmine Sullivan and have been following her since I heard her on Kindred's first album. But now this is her 3rd "he did me wrong" single (Bust Your Windows, Circles, 10 Seconds) and I would love to see her expand a bit. It took a minute for her first single from this album to grow on me so perhaps this one will but I think she can do better.

  7. It's alright, she can do better, Im still waiting for that cut

  8. I just want homegirl to find her a good man so she can sing about him. Other than that, it's actually not bad. A downer, but not entirely bad.

  9. This song is great

  10. I absolutely love Jasmine's voice but she sounds like she's straining during this entire song. Someone compared her to Mary and that hit the nail on the head...just wailing. Why? She doesn't sound like she's comfortable in the register that she's singing. And that bothers me. I'm worried that nothing will ever top all of the music she recorded BEFORE she started releasing albums.