JoJo Is ‘In the Dark’ About What Makes A Good Comeback

Full disclosure: I have to admit that when I got an email about JoJo's comeback, I thought that I was getting ready to read about JoJo of Jodeci fame. Yeah, wrong JoJo. This is JoJo who we told you in March was dropping a new album when we shared her song "Wait a Minute (For Your Love)." Well, we're still waiting on that release, but in the meantime she has dropped a mixtape (which have become the new albums, but that's another discussion), Can't Take That Away From Me, and the first official single from it is the song "In the Dark." The video, you'll see, revolves around the concept of being in the dark by being unable to see. JoJo and her love interest are blindfolded throughout the video as words in an over-sized font flash sporadically. Overall, there is just an ill match between the song and visuals that are monochrome and, well, plain boring. Nothing more than that, really. The video is just really boring. Low budget does not always have to equal cheesy, but, unfortunately this vid drowns in it. While JoJo can blow ordinarily as a vocalist, this video and song blow in a way that is not good. Watch at your own risk.  


9 Responses

  1. I don't know, I think it's really creative and it's nice to see her experimenting with darker, edgier sounds. She doesn't have to blow the speakers out in order to make a good song.

  2. The mix-tape itself is beautiful! I also think the video is very creative, one of the most creative of some low-budget videos, I have seen! It served it's purpose very well!

  3. I quite like the song.

  4. I like the song. It's actually better when you don't watch the video.

  5. I love this song. It's been on regular iPod rotation since the mixtape dropped. Although I can't really understand what she's saying other than the chorus, it's nice to hear her voice all airy and soft in front of such a hard beat.
    On the video: I stopped watching it to type this. I see what she was trying to convey, but it just didn't work. Is it supposed to be blurry as well? Yeah, no, she could've come better than that.

  6. @ Bella, lol, yeah, I noticed the blurriness, too. I followed your and K.Rock's advice and listened without video and you're right, it's better. I thought it was a better song than video initially anyway, but even though the video concept ruined the moment for me.

  7. @Moon, now try bumping it in your car with the volume up and base on 11!

  8. Am I the only one who get's a Madonna - "Justify My Love" feel from the video .....maybe it's cause the beat almost sounds so similar!