Kendrick Lamar Sets Himself ‘Apart’

I've been quietly following Kendrick Lamar, a member of my new favorite hip hop outfit Black Hippy as well as a solo artist. His newest project, Overly Dedicated, is slated drop September 15th. "Growing Apart," the first single from the album isn't so much a standout for his rhymes or the minimalist urbanscape that serves as the protagonist for the video as it is for chanteuse Jhene Aiko's vocals on this track. The dreamy, jazzy beats combined with her soft, wispy vocals and Kendrick's questoning rhymes makes this song more worthy of introspection than throwing your hands up. 

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2 Responses

  1. This kid is about to blow, the song he made about Beyonce is just sick! the word play the beat, this dude is the next one! also peep a joint he did with Big Pooh

  2. Very trip-hoppish. reminds me of early Tricky beats.........Video is relaxing, i'm a flip it into a screen saver now:-)