Mario Wants To Mark His ‘Territory’

There's nothing worse than when bad music happens to good artists, and, sadly, few other
artists have fallen victim to it as much as Mario. An otherwise great singer, far too often this
B-more cutie has gotten lost in the sauce thanks to subpar lyrics, production or both. Well,
his latest offering, "My Territory," does little to break that trend. As much as I want to like this
song, the lyrics make it hard to as he sings his little heart out about--wait for it--marking his
territory. Literally. "Before I leave, I'm gonna make sure you smell just like me," he sings
with all seriousness. As much as I'm sure this was meant to be a romantic sentiment, as a dog
owner, all I can conjure up are images of a dude getting his R. Kelly on all over my leg. Not
exactly the most romantic way to show someone you love them, right? Just off the top, I can
think of at least 10 other ways I'd prefer my boo to prove to me how much he cares. Of course,
I know this isn't the way he intended it, just as I know that it's all just hyperbole. However, it
still doesn't stop this song from preventing Mario from living up to his full potential.

After the bounce

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4 Responses

  1. dude looks like Chris Rock with a steroid problem:-) This is what's wrong with R&B now a days, what does marking his territory have to do with taking off his shirt? Since when did it become cool for dudes to try to out sexy women? this metro BS is outta control. Oh yeah the song sucks donkey balls 🙂

  2. LMFAO at this juxtaposition of the song and "Piss On You"! I wish Mario could have a comeback worthy of the dude whose songs I sang back in the day. But yeah this song is disgusting.

  3. I didnt listen, that photo frightened me.