Morning Soul: Can I Get Your Name And Number Cause I Like Your Steelo

  • T.I. and Tiny were arrested in Los Angeles last night in suspicion of possessing that sticky-icky-ooh-wee. [RDR]
  • A former executive of Bad Boy Records is now suing Diddy, claiming she was fired for being too old and disabled. [TMZ]
  • War is seeking 10 million dollars in damages from Pepsi for unauthorized use of their song "Why Can't We Be Friends." [CM]
  • Soulja Boy's new book will detail how to become a teenage millionaire. [MTV]

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3 Responses

  1. Now that song's in my head. Thanks.

  2. what happened to 702?????????

  3. T.I is officially the dumbest N-word alive. I bet he will have his babies mother cop to it being her dope so he doesnt go back to finish up that 3 years bid.


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