Musical Youth To ‘Pass The Dutchie’ Pon The Next Episode Of ‘UnSung’

I don't know about y'all, but the past few Monday nights have found me glued to my television set watching new episodes of TV One's UnSung. The subjects for the current season have been fascinating and their stories heartbreaking. The next episode, which will focus on British/Jamaican reggae group Musical Youth, appears as if it will continue the trend. The GRAMMY-nominated one-hit wonders will be placed under the UnSung microscope, and we'll get to see that there was more to this band of youths than "Pass the Dutchie." Watch this preview of the episode that will air on Monday, October 4th.

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  1. musical youth are from the city of birmingham the second biggest city in england the band members are two sets of brothers and dennis seaton who family are from the island of st kitts the brothers are kelvin and michael grant,patrick and junior waite who father fred waite sr who was part of a band back in jamaica


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