Quadron Makes This ‘Baby’ All Theirs

As we explored during our Summer of Michael Jackson, covers of his music can sometimes go awry. Reinterpretations of greatness can be awkward but sometimes another artist's interpretation of one of Michael's gems can really be worthy of note. Quadron's cover of "Baby Be Mine" from Thriller had me filled with interest since I knew this duo is anything if not imaginative and innovative. Their take on "Baby Be Mine" is a much slower tempoed track worthy of the happiness and melancholy that comes with playing Michael's music now that he's gone. The video embodies a certain dreamy quality that totally fits and their way of showing appreciation to Michael at the end of the video was well done. You'll see for yourself after you press play. 

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10 Responses

  1. As far as covers go this is a classic!!!

  2. Quadron's cover of "Baby Be Mine" from Off The Wall...
    ill Mami...Baby Be Mine was from Thriller.
    Nice version of this song too...

  3. I enjoyed this; it's sweet and smooth...never heard of Quadron before but this makes me take notice. And of course, the MJ footage at the end...*sniffle*...

  4. You had me scared for a minute because this is one of my favorite MJ songs.. I really really like this version...Very nice Quadron..

  5. @Keyknow:
    You're right. My bad. Now try typing this at 6AM LOL. Correction will be done posthaste.

  6. eva since i heard "pressure" for the 1st time, i felt in love with quadron. this cover + sign of admiration for mj makes me love them all over again. if you havent gotten their self titled album "quadron", please bfind it wherever you can! its worth having in your music collection!

  7. Oh, this is utterly enchanting.
    And the footage of Michael at the end? *tears*

  8. This sounded so sweet. One of the few remakes I've fallen in love with.
    And like other, tears and sniffles at the end.
    Just reminds you of such a great loss.....still hurts.

  9. I guess Im the only one who doesn't like it at all.


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