Who Rocked This Beat Better: Mary J. Blige Or Faith Evans?

Like most deep-seated and easily spawned grudges, the rift between Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans was one that most likely was based upon love. Faith's love for her husband, Notorious B.I.G., but not his roving eyes towards Lil Kim, was enough to cause a split between Kim's friend Mary and Faith. At least that's how I imagine it in my head. Though this pair hasn't collaborated on a track since Faith's first album on the remake of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"--a great study in the disparities between their voices--it may be due to the diva antics of one or both of them. Who knows? Here's something I do know: upon listening to Faith's latest track with Raekwon "Everyday Struggle," an ode to her ex's song of the same name, I realized that Mary's unreleased "I Need You" not only used the same beat, but was bleeding with the same emotion of unrequited love that elevated her My Life to new heights. Take a listen to what two divas can do to Dave Grusin's "Either Way" and weigh in on who reinterpreted this tune the best in the comments.  

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20 Responses

  1. I am or should I say fans of the both of them. Mary's Rendition reminds me of simething that should of went on one of her previous projects.
    Faith's rendition of course is nice too! Her arrangements and background is dope.
    In the bridge mary lost me. It was if she was searching for something to put there. But then again Mary has always done that or either borrowed!
    So I guess Faith wins it!!

  2. I'm sorry, after listening to both, i like Mary's better, Its smooth and easy going and classic Mary. Faith's version is nice but Raekwon is a bit aggrevating and doesn't fit on it, if it had a raunchy beat then maybe but for this no. So I go with Mary

  3. I love them both. But just on the strenght of who used the beat better gotta give it to Mary!

  4. I have not been happy with Mary J. Blige...for a year or so now. It all stated with autotune. Plus, the lyrics aren't hitting me anymore and I'd like to hear her blow and go on those runs like she used to do.
    All of that aside, I was loving Faith's track...that is until I hear Mary's. Faith's seems empty, Mary just came with it. It's smoother, the lyrics and delivery go well with the beat.
    I'm still looking for Faith's new album!

  5. For me, I like the sped up version of Faith sans Raekwon but it is what it is. Mary's version drags. Still have love for both but Faith takes this one.

  6. I like both of them. I think it's on the strength of the sample though. But if I HAVE to choose, it would be Faith's. I like what Raekwon brings and Mary's version is a little sleepy.

  7. I gotta go with Faith on this one. Her buttery blends does it for me.

  8. Team Faith for life. I like Mary's song as well. IMO Mary always sounds her best when there is yearning in her voice and this song captures that yearning. But it is something about Faith- the smoothness soothing texture in her voice that gives her my vote.

  9. Faith all the way! Love MJB and her version but Faith's vocal's take you back to when she first came on the scene and when you first feel in love with her vocals

  10. Man... I don't know but I'd sure like a download link for bowf (not both but bowf) of 'em!!! LOL!!

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    Faith's version is better. I have not been feeling Mary since No More Drama.

  12. Although they used the same sample Mary's song is boring and whinng about whateva! but Faith is giving me inspirational lyrics and butter smooth melodies! Team Faith all day way!!!

  13. Hmm. I am a fan of them both (moreso of Mary's early work) but Faith definitely has a better voice. I like Mary's version except that the bridge leaves much to be desired. Faith's version is cool but Raekwon takes away from the track, especially with the unnecessary cursing. I'll go with Faith.

  14. The First Lady gets this one. Her rendition is so melodic. I know this was by her own creation. Musically Mary just can't touch Faith. She will always have the upper hand because she is a true musician. Mary not so much. I never knew Mary to arrange or read music.

  15. Its Mary:)
    Good effort by Faith:)

  16. Mary of course, plus she is the better singer/artist. Faith CANNOT sing at all, she sounds like Janet Jackson, she dont have no soul, emotion or conviction in her voice. It's BORING as fuck, thats why she is not as big as Mary, she lacks SOUL and that is what matters in music. Mary will ALWAYS be better than her clone.

  17. I really like Mary's song. But then I heard Faith and I have to give it up to Faith. There is something about her voice that bring a vibe to the song. I don't like the bad language in the rap.

  18. I've always liked both Faith and Mary and really loved the "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" track they did before they fell out with each other. With that being said, I've also noticed that while Faith can sing, she rarely uses her range and can at times sound the same from track to track so often that I can't get through a whole CD of hers without it grating on my nerves!. Mary - although I'm ok with her now - I really do yearn for the old Mary...not sad but more soulful and I think that somewhere along the way, she's lost some of that soul.
    With that being said, iIn THIS case I have to give it to Faith because the hook was more solid, the lyrics had more to say, she sounded clearer than Mary and had more feeling in her vocals.
    But the one thing I will say is that I really got tired of Raekwon early on on this track. I have no idea why he was even there! There's rarely a place on a track for cussin' like that. In fact, I feel that most "artists" use it to distract from their lack of talent but I digress. Bottom line is that there was definitely no need and no place for all of the profanity on THIS track! I mean really! At one point Faith was saying something about "how God works" and here comes this fool cursing in the background!!! It just doesn't make sense!! I think the industry needs to have a little more faith (no pun intended) that they can push an artist out there without adding an artist that doesn't fit what they are trying to say, market it well and still get a good return. If they tried, they might surprise themselves because there are a great deal of us who are waiting on the end of our seats for good music to make a comeback to the mainstream someday!

  19. Love Mary's earthy tone. Faith's voice is pretty but there's no depth there.
    Mary wins!!

  20. Never heard this Mary joint til now. Love it.
    But Faith Evans wins in this battle.