YahZarah Is Busy Having Too Much Fun To ‘Cry Over You’

YahZarah has found the best way to get over someone in her brand new video for "Cry Over You." She's not content to stay at home eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's and watching Lifetime movies. No ma'am. She's gonna put on her flyest outfit and go out with her equally as fly friends to paint the town red--or at least drive around town in a red convertible--and indulge in some retail therapy and good times. Filmed on location in her hometown of Washington, DC, "Cry Over You" is a fun and sassy declaration of independence from The Ballad of Purple Saint James and the Matt Koza-directed video is a fantastic interpretation. Joining Yahz is Phonte aka the "King of the Grill" (yo, his BBQ wings are the bomb, son!) who spits a few bars while holding it down on the grill at a jam-packed cookout. You may even notice a few familiar faces in attendance such as Alison Carney, Deborah Bond, Kia Bennett and K. Murdock to name a few. The Foreign Exchange crew is on a roll--or make that a hamburger bun. Take a finger-licking good bite out of YahZarah's latest below.

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5 Responses

  1. How has she not blown up? She is refreshing.

  2. My favorite cut from her latest cd!

  3. She is dope! I love her song "Natural."