‘You Play Too Rough’ For Blue Six

When a video has absolutely nothing to do with the song, it has to be pretty visually stunning for me to like it. Every video doesn't have to be a literal interpretation of a song's lyrics, but can I have something that at least makes a modicum of sense? Having said that, it is with a heavy heart that I have to give the side-eye to Blue Six for his video to "You Play Too Much." Mind you, Blue Six's third album, Noesis, is one of my favorites of 2010. Yes, it is that crucial. The single, featuring frequent vocal contributor Aya, was a return to the down-tempo stylings that made me fall hard for Blue on the debut album, Beautiful Tomorrow, which is a record that I played so much that I wore grooves into the CD. But my deep love for Jay Denes' brainchild can't make up for my disappointment in this clip. The video features Aya driving around in a car through an unknown city and cuts to her in various wigs and fashions, made up to look differently in each instance. Her lip gloss might be poppin, but this video isn't. 

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  1. that's Aya, the singer of the tune in the video. there are no models!
    she's just wearing different outfits and makeup. I worked on the vid and know what I'm talking about.

  2. @bobbyg: Is it really? Oh my goodness. She looks so different than how I remember her looking. OK, let me revise my review. Thanks for the intel.

  3. Really? You like Noesis like that? It just all sounds like background music. Mind you, I LOVED Aquarian Angel.
    Hmm... I think part of it is the absence of Lisa Shaw.

  4. Who gives a crap. Jay and Blue Six can do no wrong in my book. What they need is a clip for " You use to Rock". Aya is also about done recoding her 2nd solo project.

  5. This will actually be Blue Six's 4th LP. He released Re-Creation before this and that album was super good! IMO I'm kinda tired of the Jay and Aya collaboration. I feel he can saturate his music with more soul with different vocalist (Lisa Shaw, Latrice Barnett, & Omega). Realistically it may not be the direction he is looking toward. Jay Denes is a maestro to me and his music will always move me. Not my favorite cut on the record but in regards to the videos detachment to the song.....I kinda care less for it myself.

  6. Blue Six's videos have always been a bit vague and focusing in on a female character, which I kind of always lumped into the fact that his label is called Naked Music and the videos go along with the theme that the label portrays (women singing over glorious deep house beats). So, it wasn't a surprise when "You Play Too Rough" turned out like this...I don't mind it.
    As for Noesis? I think the record is very solid. Aquarian Angel still confuses me, and Beautiful Tomorrow is one of my top 10 records.


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