Bobby Brown & Macy Gray Show Us What ‘Real Love’ Looks Like

If you could pick two people who would sound like they would work well as a couple, you may not think of Bobby Brown and Macy Gray at first. But once its suggested and your brain wraps around the two as a pair, doesn't it just make perfect sense? It's like one of those "a-ha" moments or "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?" type of things. So it's absolutely no surprise to me that this new video by Bobby and Macy for the song "Real Love" just works and works and works. From her album The Sellout, "Real Love" is what Macy calls a "true, pure love song" that she thought was perfect as a duet with Bobby who she's been friends with for years. From their playful dance moves (Bobby still got it going on with the dance skills!) to the singing in tandem style that we seldom hear in duets, this video is a winner. I think it's interesting to pay attention to how this video makes mention of its advertisers at the end with the help of actor Michael Jai White. Though we always knew that designers and corporations did product placement in videos, it seems like now has come the day where it is more in your face. If that means that videos will improve in quality and be as cute as this one, then I'm all for it. Press play and enjoy!

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11 Responses

  1. Macy look great! Never would have pictured them together for a duet, but this works on all levels!

  2. Oh wow! I love this! This is an awesome duet! The gag reel at the end of the video is so cute!

  3. I would have never thought of them together but it definitely works! Loved it!

  4. wow, this is pretty coo, it sounds like live autotune but i like this, its interesting and a chill song

  5. This sounds terrible. Give it up Bobby

  6. slam it or jam it?
    i say jam it! it's pure pop....great for weddings anniversaries birthdays karaoke quincenara and walmart grand openings!

  7. Never would have thought of this combo! :/ But I LOVE THIS! Bobby has so much personality!

  8. Her album is quite satisfying actually. Macy never disappoints, and Mr. Brown charms too.-QH

  9. This way better then I thought it would be. I stopped checking for Macy years ago but I may have to give this CD a spin or two...........

  10. I LOVE this song! I remember when I first heard it. I thought it was tres cute! The Sellout is quite nice and is played in heavy rotation on the ipod touch! I'm definitely a fan.

  11. Way cute...from beginning to end. I love it.