Janelle Monáe Switches Her Style Up For ‘BaBopByeYa’ Performance

Last week vocal chameleon Janelle Monáe delivered a stellar live performance of "BaBopByeYa," the genre-blending closing track on this year's epic The ArchAndroid. The pint-sized singer shed her tuxedo for a sleek dress and teamed up with the Emory Symphony Orchestra at Emory University's Schwartz Center for Performing Arts in Atlanta, Georgia for a stunning live interpretation of the tune. As the perfect end to the brilliantly executed, cinematic concept album, this orchestral whirlwind is a testament to Monáe's power and range as a performer. The sweeping love song, divided into three movements, evokes images of big, classic MGM-era musicals and clearly displays Monáe's years of opera training and flair for fantasy and the whimsical. Combine that with her golden voice and commitment to artistic excellence, and it's clear why Prince the Purple Wonder tapped Monáe for his upcoming "Welcome 2 America" tour. Side note: For a split second, with the black dress and puffy hair, I thought I was watching an old Anita Baker performance. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

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8 Responses

  1. OMG yes she does look like Anita Baker from first glance. And she sounds wonderful. Truly love her music.

  2. Very impressive indeed!

  3. I can't listen to that song too often. It's so overwhelming. I wish the audio quality was a little better, but I can tell it was a fantastic performance. I remember her discussing this show on twitter. I wonder if the audience knew what they were in for that night.

  4. She sends chills up my spine with her confidence and ambition,
    if this reminds me of anyone it's Duke Ellington.

  5. This is exactly how this song should be performed each and every time. I'd love to be performing in that orchestra. It's such a beautiful piece.

  6. That's what I have been waiting for, her performing with a FULL orchestra, BRAVO!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting!

  7. I thought about Anita Baker before I read your comment. I like this, her album not so much..