Mariah Carey To Bring A ‘Merry Christmas II’ Us All

With a bun reportedly in her oven, Mariah Carey seems to be slowing down only a little bit as she gets ready to debut her second Christmas album that is set for a November release. Merry Christmas II You, a sequel to her 1994 hit holiday collection, Merry Christmas, will feature originals from Mimi as well as some covers of classics like "Little Drummer Boy," "O Come All Ye Faithful," "The First Noel" and "O Little Town Of Bethlehem." This album, produced by Jermaine Dupri and American Idol's Randy Jackson, is already available for pre-order on sites like and on her website. The Home Shopping Network (HSN) has partnered with Mariah as well to help with her November launch, selling the CD bundled with a 30-minute DVD featuring interviews with Mariah and photos of her and her family.

Will I get Merry Christmas II You? Probably. I loved the first Christmas album she did, and I am a fan of Mimi's voice even though, as of late, she doesn't use it to full capacity. Do I care about the DVD? Most likely not--unless, of course we get Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston-esque scenes with Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon. At any rate, you can get a sneak peek and judge for yourself by tuning into HSN on October 20th at 2 pm or 10 pm for what I'm guessing will be an hour-long informercial for the new release. As much as I love pre-"Honey" Mariah Carey, I just might tune in and see if she's returned.

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7 Responses

  1. obviously this photo is outdated because the current Mariah looks like a light skin precious. I dont know if she is prego or not but babygirl is big as heck..................................

  2. That's a narrow way to look at her music. Her post-"Honey" output has been more spotty, but to write it off completely is kind of small minded, IMO. Every album has had at least a smattering of gorgeous, well done songs ("For the Record", "Hate U", "Mine Again", etc.) , but if you're looking for her to pull a Jennifer Hudson and just holler, you'll be disappointed.

  3. @Stoney-- lol, that was wrong. Funny, but wrong. Pregnancy is no joke.
    @anonymous *shrug* I think your use of the word "smattering" supports my opinion. Her voice is wonderful, and currently underused.

  4. Her voice is underused because it's shot. You can see this from all of her live performances. Her 1st XMAS record was classic but this seems a ploy to get back into good graces. I was once a hardcore MC stan but after her last 2 records I'm off that wagon.

  5. @baybruh, her glass-shattering octaves may be shot, but you don't think her lower registers still rock? She has such a smoky alto that she barely brings above a whisper, but, maybe its b/c of the reason you stated. I, too was the biggest MC stan, and like you, not a fan of recent stuff, despite popular approval. Honestly, though, I hope her comeback is successful. I'm rooting for her.

  6. In general I think we have labeled artist as all time greats too early in their careers. Look at Whitney, Look at Mariah, both were headed towards that pantheon of Aretha and Patti, however there is one thing that separates the greats from the pretenders. That is call longevity, 20 to 30 years after their primes and Patti and Aretha are still ranked as 2 of the greatest female singers of all time. Meanwhile back in Gotham:-) Mariah and Whitney cant sell a album or sell out a tour.

  7. @Stoney, I don't think Mariah & Whitney have any less talent as they probably have less of the foundational support behind the scenes which, sadly, has led to the very public breakdowns. Both women have been used heartlessly by corporate machines that took over their talent when they were both teenagers, and shot them to stardom within this dysfunctional ideal of stardom that I think broke down both women. Patti and Aretha have their own behind the scenes challenges and have career stalls in their own respective careers at some time or another, but their public challenges have manifested differently.