Mario Arrested In Baltimore For Assaulting His Mother

You ever wake up, check your phone to see what's going on in the world and see a headline so disgraceful that you hope, wish and pray that you're still asleep and in the midst of a nightmare? That's precisely how I felt when I was greeted by TMZ with news that singer Mario was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother, Shawntia Harris. The Baltimore Sun reports that the former Dancing With the Stars contestant was "charged with one count of second-degree assault" after Harris called police to the Baltimore apartment that she shares with her son and accused him of pushing her and destroying property. In her statement to police, Harris also went on to state that last night's altercation with Mario was the second time this week that he had laid hands on her, and she informed them that she feared for her life. After his arrest, Mario posted $50,000 bond and was released. There's no indication if drugs were at play--Mario's mother is a former heroin addict--or what caused this altercation, but this story is disturbing on so many levels.    

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5 Responses

  1. Any dude that lays hands on his own mother should be shot in the head. Speaking of getting shot in the head mario has a Escalade forehead. I guess Mario is too young to remember a dude name Marvin Gaye. He was beating up on his elderly father and got capped out. mario study your history you dumb bastard.

  2. I'm not going to judge on this one until more information is in. Its extremely difficult having a loved one, far less a parent, with addiction issues and see them ruining their life before your eyes. I hope they can resolve this.

  3. I'm with Neenee on this one. No judgment here. We should all know there is always more information to the stories and news we hear and see on television. I'm sure this has a lot to do with his mother's addiction. I'll just pray for both of them.

  4. we need more info.... and NOT from a former heroin addict, such as his Mom. we don't know if she has relapsed, lieing, feening, jealous, hating, or what.
    mario, keep your head up.

  5. wow, easy Stoney, I'd hate to find out that he's been bending over backwards only to have her backsliding on him. I mean he is a grown ass man and still needs to live with his mother for one reason and one reason only. Agreed, that "laying hands on her" is never an option. but some of the things he's done in the past just to keep her off of those Baltimore streets (and some of the old dealers that I'm sure are fighting over her) is a daunting task. 1am in the morning, and your mom, ex heroin feind wants to take a stroll whether you like it or not, what would you do?