Michael Jackson’s Nephew, Austin Brown, May Be The Next ‘Target’ Of Our Affections

The physical similarities between Austin Brown and his late uncle Michael Jackson are extraordinary, but the vocal similarities are downright uncanny. In his debut song, "Target Practice," off of his upcoming debut album, 85, with production help from hit-maker Rodney Jerkins, Rebbie Jackson's son enters our world with a guaranteed dance hit on his hands. Why do I say that? Well, my seven-year-old--a self-professed Michael Jackson groupie--has already decided this is her favorite song of the hour, and she likes pop music like this that is driving the music industry and radio waves right now. As for me, I'm still on the fence, wondering if I like it because it's a good song or that every time Austin taps into his falsetto he sounds identical to his mega-famous uncle who I miss beyond reason. In any case, Austin has the celebrity poise that is befitting an emerging artist. The photos of Austin on his website, while giving us that nostalgic glimmer of Michael, provide a glimmer of hope that there may be another Jackson to have emerged and try their hand in continuing the legacy that the Jackson 5, Janet Jackson and Michael began. 

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10 Responses

  1. not doing anything for me

  2. Not bad at all. We're probably not the target audience for this type of music here at SoulBounce but the kids might like it. And, it's certainly far from garbage...

  3. meh...idk

  4. Hope he finds success. But need some "SOUL" lessons. Michael had the riffs and an ear for great adlibs. But he grew up in the era of the greats.
    I perscribe some Sam Cooke, James Brown and some Marvin Gaye. A few doses of Aretha's timing and Diana'ssimplicity he might find his own voice.

  5. @Langston
    I agree. Like I said, my 7 yr old LOVES it.

  6. alright... it's lacking something (maybe soul, like hoodedmonk so eloquently stated), but i like it on him. it's believeable. and it's catchy. it's way more enjoyable than neyo's and usher's latest dance offerings and way more tolerable than ANYTHING by jason derulo. go for it, austin!!

  7. Sounds like noise to me

  8. Been waiting for some music from Austin for awhile now. Not what I expected, but I will enjoy it for the family trademarks (voice, chroreography) while I wait for his true sound.


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