Morning Soul: I’m Not Asking Too Much, Asking For All Your Love Forever

  • George Michael is a free man again after spending four weeks behind bars for driving under the influence. [BB]
  • The most hated man in the world after maybe Kim Jong-il and Eddie Long, Conrad Murray will be fighting the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by Joe Jackson. [TMZ]
  • Gorillaz don't want Glee performing any "very poor substitutes" of any of their songs. Oh noes! How will Glee be relevant without a Gorillaz song? [NYM]
  • American Idol alum Adam Lambert agreed to tone down the on-stage boy kissing while he's performing in Malaysia this Thursday. [MTV]

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2 Responses

  1. Conrad is innocent. Mike was a dope fiend, his family did absolutely nothing to get him treatment. All this he wouldnt listen stuff is just excuses. They could have had him committed, threaten to take his kids or had him declared incompetent and had him committed. To blame one doctor for this travesty is just crazy......

  2. @stoneyisland Maybe you could get informed before talking like this, uh? MJ did not inject that lethal dose of propofol himself. He didn't die from some drug overdose. He died from an acute propofol intoxication that stopped his heart. And that was injected by Dr. Murray. So simple. Autopsy report clearly states there was no trace of drug abuse in MJ's system. Please, get the info and show some respect, Peace.