Sunshine Anderson Returns With This ‘Kick’ In The Pants

It's been quite some time since we've heard from Sunshine Anderson. The last time I remember her making major waves was when she had heard it all before and was adamant about a certain someone not being welcome anymore. "Lie To Kick It" slows the pace down a bit and, although it returns with the same subject matter of dishonesty in relationships, Sunshine's voice is quite simply a ray of melismatic loveliness. Her new album, The Sun Shines Again, will be available November 2nd, so it's a good guess that we can expect more of this once it's released. Give this track a listen and remind yourself that slow jams do exist without extraneous robotic elements and real instrumentation. 

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6 Responses

  1. Wow.
    Somebody please get this woman some good material to sing.

  2. Always dug her voice, but she suffers from that Chicken Head syndrome. Id love to see her material mature.

  3. I'm have to agree with the Bruh & Rod, babygirl is talented she can blow but all of her music is basically "I been wronged by a man. Sing about something else Sunshine like, getting married and having a family instead of just "kicking it" 🙂 as far as this song goes, I quote Sunshine from a previous joint..."heard it all before".......

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    This must be from the "For Colored Girls" soundtrack. I agree with the previous posts-- you're going on 40 y/o, Sunshine. So clear those clouds out of your head, and let that sun shine through.

  5. I agree with all of the others posters. I remember hearing this on the radio and feeling as though it was unfinished. The melody isn't great and the subject is trite. Hopefully she will release material that does a better job of showcasing her talent.

  6. People are trippin' this is goody good good


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