All Alori Joh Wants Is To Be ‘Happy’

Every city's music scene is undoubtedly organized into cliques of artists who seem to vibe best together. This can serve the listener well since one can rightly assume that where one artist can be found, another isn't far behind, whether it be to bless a track with a verse or to literally be beside the artist on production duties. Alori Joh, an up-and-coming chanteuse on Los Angeles' music scene has already been featured on my newest favorite Kendrick Lamar's album, Overly Dedicated, as well as fellow Angelino and Black Hippy member Ab-Soul's previous tracks. With "Happy Medium," Alori implores her lover to consider the upside of compromising with splendid results. Ab-Soul adds some flair of his own to this track that has been on repeat since I first heard it. Get more familiar below and be sure to check for her upcoming album, The Love Religion, slated to drop November 15th. 

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3 Responses

  1. typo/ The Love religion

  2. I'm always happy to hear some new Alori Joh. If you need some more in your life, checkout her and Javonte's "Ego" EP. It's a freebie. Just google it.


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