Anthony David Gives Us Something New To ‘Love’

We had high hopes to get a new studio album from Anthony David this year, but we'll have to wait until February 2011 to get As Above, So Below in our hands. However, AD isn't letting 2010 end without blessing his fans with a little somethin' somethin' for our patience. On November 23rd he'll be releasing an EP entitled The Setup featuring seven live tracks recorded recently in Atlanta. If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Anthony David perform, then you already know that this live recording will be a must own. And if you've never see him perform live, then trust me that this live recording will be a must own. Need proof? Well just take a listen to his rendition of Drake's hit "Find Your Love," which I liked but I now love thanks to AD's soulful, sexy rasp. After hearing Anthony work his mojo on this joint, I don't ever need to hear Drake sing it again. Seriously. Listen to David make it do what it do below and pre-order The Setup now.

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3 Responses

  1. This is bad ! I'd rather listen to Drake doing this live than him, and you know Drake can't sing ...

  2. AD is the shit. I'm scooping up the LP when it drops...............

  3. wow, it's really good to hear this song sung by an actual singer as apposed to a tone deaf rapper.


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