Are You ‘So In Love’ With This Chrisette Michele & Rick Ross Track?

New besties and frequent collaborators Chrisette Michele and Rick Ross have certainly decided that they sound better together. And by together, they mean as often and as frequently as they can lay down tracks with both of their vocals in the studio. "So In Love" made its debut last week although it has now been confirmed that this track will appear on Chrisette's Let Freedom Reign set for release November 30th. I'm not going to say what my verdict is on the track since I don't really have many nice things to say about it upon my first few listens. Parts of the song are very cute, however. Let us know how you feel about it in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. i love chrisette michele. i love her voice. i love her music. but i don't know if i like this track. it's cute. i could imagine beyonce singing it so i guess that means its radio friendly. it probably has grow potential. *shrugs* i just miss chrisette from her 1st album which was amazing start to finish where epiphany a few tracks got the side eye. i'm a get this one but i hope it's better than the last one. so far i'm not impressed.

  2. this isn't bad, its no Ashton Martin Music, but it sounds like its unfinished. I actually like both of these artist but the song sounds like its lacking something

  3. I kind of like it when great artists branch out to try new things. Although I don't get this recent popularity of Rick Ross, I think it's a pretty good move for Chrisette. Not only is it a way to get her voice out to a broader audience, but it's just a new sound from her.
    It's cute. Not the best; certainly can't touch I Am, but it's not bad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. To me, this actually works, somehow. Hopefully we'll here some original (soulful) Chrisette tracks on this new album along with these new-fangled endeavors. Just maybe.

  4. damn she sound like Beyonce on the beginning of this song...

  5. I can't say I've ever been a big fan of Ross, though some of his tracks made it to my rotation. Chrisette on the other hand I've played many times.. But I like this track, just the way it is here. I get this relaxed jamming session feeling. Well done, nice joint 😀

  6. very cute! chrisette's voice is very feminine...nice compliment to ross' masculine tempo.

  7. People throwing shade at this album have obviously not heard "Goodbye Game" I like this track, different sound smooth Ross' verses tight. I guess since people can't put her into a box and make her the artist they want her to be then her music isn't good enough.


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