Cee-Lo Does It ‘Bigger’ & Better

Continuing his quest to take over the world one dopetastical song at a time, my favorite multi-genre
powerhouse, Cee-Lo Green, steams right along with the video for "Bright Lights, Bigger City." The video comes in support
of the highly-anticipated album, The Lady Killer, which hit shelves this week. Here, you'll find all the
makings of an epic vintage Hype Williams project: limos, cigars, champagne, fancy white women and
dapper Negroes wearing shades indoors. Keeping in line with his latest international playboy/assassin
character, the clip features Mr. Green cruising in style before meeting a leggy woman who apparently
escaped from Lady Gaga's closet to sour a top-secret mission. As is the case with every good spy flick,
he ultimately has the last laugh. The slick visuals are perfect for the song, which is among the album's
standouts. I am certain you'll enjoy the video as much as I do.

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2 Responses

  1. hmm. that was very tragic for '89 you suckas. still love you cee lo but i'ma have to pass on this one.

  2. This cat is about to blow up! I am coping this joint when it hits the streetz