DJ Jazzy Jeff Adds Some ‘Boogie’ To Mayer Hawthorne’s ‘Strings’

The weekend is here and not a minute too soon. As I load up my iPod with all of the new tunes that I've collected this week, one cut in particular has me pressing repeat and is providing the ideal soundtrack for my Friday afternoon. Mayer Hawthrone's little ditty about free love, "No Strings," was good, but this DJ Jazzy Jeff "Roller Boogie Remix" makes it mo' better. Mazda, who is sponsoring Hawthorne's current tour with The Country, commissioned Jeff to remix the track and, of course, he hooked it up lovely with a mix that will have you wanting to go to your nearest rollerskating rink this weekend. As you leave your 9-to-5 up on the shelf for the week, add this freebie to your collection and just enjoy yourself. 

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  1. Boring. Interesting...but boring.