Is This ‘Breaking News’ Worthy Of Michael Jackson?

I didn't really care that much about the announcement last week about a new single premiering yesterday from MICHAEL, the first posthumous album of Michael Jackson's material. For starters, I didn't really dig the track from the teaser trailer and then came the rather large issue of whether or not this actually is Michael Jackson singing on the song at all. Sony refutes claims that the vocals on the track are not authentically Michael's while certain members of the Jackson family dispute this claim. Katherine Jackson reportedly ended up releasing free music that she purported to be her son this past weekend (that, too, turned out to be neither released by Katherine nor a new track). For what it's worth, I don't think this song is authentic at all. This is purely subjective, however, although I can say that since I grew up with this man's voice for the majority of my life and am very familiar with its changes in pitch and tone over the years.  There's just something off about it. I could, however, be wrong. Take a listen to "Breaking News" after the bounce, and let us know what you think in the comments.

After the bounce

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  1. "This is purely subjective, however, although I can say that since I grew up with this man's voice for the majority of my life and am very familiar with its changes in pitch and tone over the years, there's just something off about it."
    I agree, well said.

  2. This shit sounds like justin timberlame or some other blue eyes soul devil. This aint Mike........................................

  3. yea.....definitely not Michael......but that artwork is HELLA DOPE!

  4. first off, i should say i really like your site. I'm a huge MJ fan and i love that your site stays true to him and his legacy aaand overall, i think you have great taste in music. 🙂
    now, i think you should have read the article regarding Mrs. Jackson before you wrote, "Katherine Jackson actually ended up releasing free music what she purports is her son this past weekend. " because she didn't release anything. and if you go to the site that released the track you would know that they took Katherine's name out of it. (
    now to the topic at hand, "breaking news." i kinda liked it... well, i didn't hate it at least. i'm not saying it is michael, but i wouldn't be surprised either way. it was a unreleased track and maybe while he was recording it he just wasn't feeling it as much as some of his other songs. i thought toward the end it was more convincingly him... but i honestly have no idea. Michael has a remarkable range, and i just want everyone to take into account his song from the Invincible album, 2000 Watts that sounded absolutely nothing like the Michael we're used to. i think if the rumor of someone else singing it had never came up, most of us wouldn't have thought twice about it. aaand, ya'll remember when the This Is It trailers started coming out and everyone said it was going to be nothing but body doubles?

  5. that ain't him. #fail sony

  6. I agree w/ill Mami.
    I've been listening to this man since birth.
    Don't like it....doesn't sound like him.
    @Nicole...good point regarding 2000 Watts but it still sounds like MJ just pitch of his voice was altered.
    The vocal hiccup sound fake, voice sounds like it's struggling to sing. MJ may have had a nasal sound but it was still a strong voice.
    Just the idea MJ would right a song with his name mentioned so many times sounds a little off.
    I like the album art work....will need to hear more from this album before I make a purchase.

  7. Ask yourself this. Why would Sony release a full album of "fake" MJ material when it's a known fact that like Prince, he's probably recorded 100's of tracks over the years that have never seen the light of day? Not to mention the obvious legal implications. Personally, I have a couple of albums worth of sessions, demos, outakes and alternate versions going back to Off The Wall and as such I can say through experience that not all of what I own is great quality or finished. I don't particularly care for this track but I can point you in the direction of a dozen others where the vocal is just as "off

  8. @Moseleysoul I have to agree with you. There's too much real unreleased material to make fake stuff.
    There's a reason it wasn't released during his lifetime: he didn't like it enough to release it, and for good reason--it's a weak song. MJ would be appalled. Real talk.

  9. I don't like it completely...but it is not horrible. However, the writing didn't seem very Michael-like. I feel that it is weird that he would mention himself so much in a track too. If it was fake, it seems to be trying too hard to prove that it is him. The voice sounds like him but yet not. It sound like he was remarkably off his game and if he chose not to release this one, it's because it wasn't up to his standards... which proves it should be left out.

  10. meant to type 'write' and not 'right'

  11. If that's him then it's laughably bad and it's easy to understand why we've never heard it before. Sometimes there's a thin line between style and parody and it's the clumsy lyrics and "Michael Jackson" refrain that tips it into not entirely authentic for me. At best it's an unfinished work in progress reworked. Doesn't matter, his reputation does not rest on this pap and this pap is only interesting because they say it's him.

  12. Millie and Vanillie potitics
    it ain't him campaign, with the technology today anyone can personate him, if you voice is close enough to his. Auto-tunes or some new technology in the studio that we don't know about yet.Money can get stuff made and this is a Billion Dollar expectation so whatever funds used to prepare this project, trust ppl will get duked for all it's worth. There could be 1 or 5....such that are really him, but the rest 'bs'. AND I'm not feeling his eye's in the cover (very sad) to me or take. Not funky/

  13. Ya know, this song, its lyrics, are as if they were composed after his death.. As for the voice, I would love to hear new Michael material, but am not satisfied by this song as I was by all his other songs so far.. I guess we'll have to listen to the whole new album and see then...