It’s A ‘Long Way Down’ For Keyshia Cole

When Keyshia Cole isn't doing too much, she's actually not a bad singer. Unfortunately, she regularly does too much. But when she's able to keep her yodeling ways in check, we receive songs such as "Long Way Down," the second single from her upcoming album, Calling All Hearts. Keyshia delivers a highly-listenable performance on the mid-tempo cut. Calling All Hearts hits stores on December 21st, just in time to make the Keyshia Cole fan in your life very happy this Christmas. And be sure to tune into Keyshia doing too much this Sunday on the Soul Train Awards on Centric & BET.

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4 Responses

  1. I'm just not feelin' it. I think it's really bland and her vocals aren't enough to save it. She's a good singer who suffers from Mary J Blige syndrome in that she's usually fabulous in the studio but all kinds of messy/sharp/pitchy live.

  2. I hate this chick as much as I hate her main influences but I can dig this one.

  3. keyshia always delivers with those subtle bangers. i really like this one. can't wait for the new album to drop!

  4. "When Keyshia Cole isn't doing too much, she's actually not a bad singer. " why did i immediately think about EVERYTHING else keyshia does BESIDES oversinging? the reality show, frankie, neffe, the tats, Young Jeezy.....
    but isn't Keyshia doing waaaay too much why we love her in the first place? *cough* Mary J. Blige *cough* and too many more to mention.
    and yeah, this single works for me, much more than the Nicky Minaj track.