It’s ‘So Cold’ For Robin Thicke

I used to adore Robin Thicke's music. Well, let me clarify. I respected the man's music when he was
unshaven, indie and eclectic, doing a (white) Jesus impression, and struggling to sell records. Back
then, he went by "Thicke," and his debut, A Beautiful World, was the standout of 2003 in my eyes, if
you ignore "Crazy In Love." I actually bought a copy (eight in all) for each of my friends. Thicke was all
over the place musically, and it worked for him. He was a child of the Stevie Wonder school of soul,
impressed by Lenny Kravitz rock and stoned on Jamiroquai funk. Thicke was ambitious, hungry and
generally unclassifiable. I loved it. And then he met Pharrell Williams. And years later, the soulfunkrock gem I knew in 2003 now works
Justin Timberlake's shift at WhiteBoys-R-Us, churning out forgettable hooks and duets with any rapper
who shows him a check. Enter: Swizz Beatz. When Toucan Sam isn't abandoning women, he's making
mediocre mid-tempos. This brings us to Robin Thicke's latest, "So Cold." The stripped down, eerie
track features Robin's signature falsetto and is pretty typical Swizz Beatz affair (translation: there
are whistles). Let's hope it's unfinished and that what's lacking is the actual beat. Take a listen to the
collaboration below. 

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7 Responses

  1. It's ironic, I think he'd be making more money had he not changed his whole everything (minus haircut) in pursuit of it. His good songs though few and far between are still really good though.

  2. oh snap, not Toucan Sam.... LOL
    Yea this song is definitely lacking. Robin Thicke has pigeon-holed himself and his "signature sound" is *yaaawwwwn*. And Gonzo's beat did nothing for him

  3. Swizz Beats = Toucan Sam? Damn that's
    Robin can do better. He has done better. Let's just hope he will continue to make more inspired songs like "Lost Without U", and yes even Sex Therapy....hehehe....If he's able to do that, I think he will continue to bubble as opposed to fall this track. I think his presences is necessary on the R&B let us pray....

  4. All that damn Swizz Beatz in the first 20 seconds of the song was enough for me.
    *sigh* Oh, Robin.

  5. Awful song!!
    And very accurate description of Toucan Sam!

  6. @JAY - SO TRUE. That's my point. He sold the hell out. And he does make the OCCASIONAL banger, but they're far too rare these days. I guess now, he has popularity, but the quality is gone. Womp.

  7. I loved Thicke....Robin? Eh, not so much. A Beautiful World is still in rotation with me. There are good songs here and there on his albums since then, but for the most part, he feels like a fail these days.


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