Jamie Woon Gets Live In The ‘Night Air’

You know how you may hear a song in its recorded form and not really feel it but when you see it performed live, it becomes a wholly different experience? This describes exactly what I just encountered when I watched Jamie Woon perform his "Night Air" on PinBoardBlog x Red Bull Music's "Rehearsal Room." I now seem to understand what all of the buzz was about when this track first dropped some weeks ago. It's a great blend of minimalist sensibilities and textured soundscapes that easily floats above the din of usual life while still vying for your attention. See what I mean after you watch the video. Thanks to Speeakz for the compass. 

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2 Responses

  1. i don't like this song as much as "spiral" but i still love this guy!

  2. Hm...Jamie Lidell does it waaay better.