Jazmine Sullivan Puts Her Man On Blast In ’10 Seconds’

Fellas, don't get on Jazmine Sullivan's bad side lest you find yourself hemmed up and tied up like her video boo in "10 Seconds." What caused her to flip out on old boy and bring him to an abandoned warehouse and attach an explosive device to his body? Well, you might have the same reaction if you catch your man cheating. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, the clock is ticking on this relationship, and Jazmine has had it up to here. It's not looking good for her soon-to-be ex as time runs out, but you have watch to the end to see his fate. 


4 Responses

  1. She has a strong voice, they just arent giving her the right material.. and she should also lay off on all these bitter songs.

  2. With all these bitter and hateful songs she has proved to be a woman carrying too much negative vibes. Not good for her career. Actually, she is killing her career before it takes off.

  3. @Naimah
    I agree 100%. She is painting herself into a bitter R/B, all I do is sing man hatting songs corner. I love this woman's voice, but she needs a more diverse catalog of songwriting material. I'm really tired of hearing her sing the same thing over, and over, and ovah again.

  4. You honestly haven't listened to her previous album any of her live stuff online. She does way more that "bitter black women" songs. I'm glad they're finally giving her more mature songs that fit her voice and styling like a woman and not a teenager. That was getting old.