Kanye Brings Us ‘Joy’

On the same day that Kanye West's genitals spread across the internet like a bad case of crabs wildfire, he also released "The Joy," a Pete Rock-produced track featuring a bevy of collaborators, including Curtis Mayfield's voice, Charlie Wilson, Jay-Z, and he-who-threatens-to-quit-doing-whatever-it-is-that-he-does-every-other-week, Kid Cudi. It doesn't take a genius to know that a Pete Rock beat is as welcome as a sunset on a Saturday, plus the cover art of Pam Grier's resplendent bare body doesn't help to drive the point home that this track is lovely. Not in a hip-hop love song kind of way, but in a grimy, backroom we've-known-each-other-for-long-enough-to-be-embarrassed kind of a way. Before some of you start complaining about lyrical content, just remember that this is hip hop, and it's nothing you haven't heard or grinded to before. See what I mean after you press play. 

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