Kanye West & John Legend Collaborate Well On This ‘Game’

Although I still stand by my initial opinion that Kanye West's extended video for "Runaway" was a good effort, though most certainly not on the same plane as the acting debuts of Quentin Tarrantino or Spike Lee--insert eyeroll here--what I loved the most was the music. Out of all of the tracks that premiered during that video was what I now know is the "Blame Game." Sung nicely by John Legend with some sparse rhyming and singing by Kanye and a most random comedic rant at the end of the track by Chris Rock, I'm just going to listen to everything John Legend and ignore everything else. Yes, this song will be on Kanye's upcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. See what I mean by pressing play below.

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7 Responses

  1. I'm a keep thangs real with ya'll black peoples...............I am not buying, downloading or even looking for this new Kanye BS.......

  2. I THOUGHT Y'ALL HAD THE FULL SONG!!! looool makin me have a heart attack for no reason
    This song is the only reason I'm anticipating kanye's new album to drop
    and I think he's deliberately holding this gem back from the public lol

  3. Oh yes, I must agree. Mr. Legend's vocals definitely make this track worth it. He never disappoints!!!! Kanye might get my money just because of that!!!

  4. Good stuff, i'll definitely be picking this album up

  5. Great track! it tells a pretty emotionally charged story with excellent vocals from Mr. Legend. The mix between Kanye's and Legend's parts flows in an early 90's way with a late 2000's kanye twist. some of the lyrics are a little dumb, but generally speaking, awesome. and chris rock at the end: gold. on so many levels, and not least ways because of its contribution to the story. kanye can certainly produce, if nothing else. thank you soulbounce!