‘Lie To’ Sunshine Anderson & She Will Get Her Revenge

Wearing a ring that says "hate" and lovingly caressing her car as she loads the truck with a canister full of gas, Sunshine Anderson sets the stage in her new video for the single "Lie To Kick It." Looking a little like Deborah Cox in some side angles and singing a song that reminds me of Syleena Johnson, Sunshine looks pretty innocent in flashback scenes with her onscreen honey and in the vintage red car that is her designated revenge chariot. Given the song's lyrics that bemoan our heroine's wasted time with a trifling cheater, we know, however, that some ish is going to pop off, and it does, without surprise, at the very end. Taking a page out of the Hollywood book-of-Black-films-about-wronged women, our star shows that lighting aflame cherished items of the cheating partner still remains at the top of the list of most inventive payback actions. While I advise you to check the video out for yourself, I caution you against trying this revenge strategy on your own. Unless, of course, you want to find yourself locked up behind bars and labeled "crazy" to boot.

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  1. Something about her voice. she has a beautiul voice but the songs she sing dont go with her voice...


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