Morning Soul: Here’s My Ghetto Story

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  2. I'm not a Rihanna stan or anything, but when have her first week numbers ever been big? I don't think she's ever pushed 200 thousand in a first week -- her success is going to be dictated by how big her singles get. Good Girl Gone Bad was an endless array of big singles, so it sold a lot, but Rated R was darker and not that deep in radio friendly cuts. If she can find a few singles, she'll do just fine overall.

  3. "Rihanna's first-week sales projections aren't very impressive at all".................Neither is her singing or talent but hey that hasnt stopped her yet:-)

  4. I agree with "..." when has Rihanna's first-week sales ever been a factor? I could care less since it seems that chick seems to be all over the place regardless. Let's add up some of the numbers regularly covered here at SB. Until then, the shade is unnecessary.

  5. Y'all Rihannastans can go somewhere with that mess. As much money and promotion as the record company puts into this chick's album it should do better first-week numbers. Please sit down and get behind an artist with at least some modicum of talent.

  6. "the shade is unnecessary" - "female husta" a.k.a. "ummmm" a.k.a. "hmmm" a.k.a. "I'm just saying", get the entire eff on. you're the shadiest SB commenter of all time. you have nothing but wompmonster shade to contribute but you still keep coming back. interesting. *sips tea*