Pete Philly Grabs Ahold Of ‘Us’

I have sort of been all in love with Pete Philly lately. Ever since our own ChrisAlexander put us all onto him last week with the sonically lush "Remember You," I have effectively scoured his website and have downloaded all of his available tracks. With this week's release of "Us," this the brings Amsterdam-based emcee/singer to a total of seven tracks from his Open Loops project, which means we're halfway through the series' total of 14. I must say that I'm really taken aback by how minimal and beautiful all of these shadow-draped videos are presented. Do yourself a favor and also check out his official website. It's like digital origami with music and media. I'm going to stop my gushing now and let you get to the my new favorite artist and let him draw you in closer with this video below.