Quincy Jones Claims Kanye West Is His ‘Little Brother’ & Words Taken Out Of Context

I'm just going to go ahead and insert my own eye roll right about here for even having this being brought to all of our attentions. Apparently after dissing Kanye West in an interview last week with Us Weekly, Quincy Jones is doing a backstep of sorts. After being quoted saying that Kanye was"just a rapper" and could never be compared to him, Quincy has now taken to his website stating that not only is Kanye his "little brother" and that "it's not unreasonable to put a comparison of Kanye at this time in his career and myself into the proper perspective." So does this mean that we can keep our initial perspective regarding his latest hedonistic hodgepodge of hilarity Q: Soul Bossa Nostra? I'm going to say yes and file this under something else we can all collectively ignore.

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3 Responses

  1. That album should have been called "Q: Some Bossa Bullshit".

  2. Even if his recent stuff (i havent listened to Soul Bossa Nostra) is wack and no hating on Kanye because he is one of my faves but he is not on Quincy's level (and i say that in the nicest way possible). He's a great producer but i wouldnt compare the two. Alot of time would have to past before i even think of doing that.

  3. Not that all of us/you are doing this but ....
    You can't time travel and praise, diss and repraise an artist. You can evaluate the projects. Each project has a beginning and an end. So they all can stand on their own merit. A career, while difficult, can not be treated the same way. (Whitney may croak now, but in her prime she was one of the best ever. Her CDs will always attest to that.)
    Q has had more than his share of shinning moments. So while respect is due, don't forget that his main strength was bringing "musicians" together to do some of the greatest works EVER.
    So if the quality of his collaborators are poor you might want to aim most of your spittle towards them.
    IMHO Kanyes strength is as a lyricist. His music creation skills (not his sample/beat/production skills.. ) are a more of a taste makers talent. Put him in front of an instrument ( keyoard primarily) He creates in the same way any musician does. If it sounds good, keep it. If someone else can play it better.. call them in. The talent is knowing when to call in the better player.
    But that doesn't discount his ability to bring varied elements ( some players some samples and concepts) together. So Q is right in the negative and in the positive. As an artist Kanye will never be able to match Q. Because Q molded other artists when that level of artistry didnt even exist. The times won't permit it. But as a producer they do the same things and to that end Kanye is on that level.
    Deal with it and stop trying to turn them into Tupac an Biggie.