T.I. & Chris Brown Come ‘Back’

Back in the slammer on federal weapons charges, troubled Atlanta rapper T.I. releases a musical gem in the form of new song "Get Back Up" from No Mercy. The track surfaced hours after T.I. won yet another 11 month vacation stemming from a September drug-related arrest which ended in his unfortunate return. Considering the recent turn of events in Tip Harris' personal life, the irony of the title is compounded with the addition of R&B's dented can, Chris Brown, on the hook. The smooth, The Neptunes-produced track has an honest message, with Mr. Harris taking full responsibility for his mistakes (I admit, yeah I done some dumb sh*t/Disappointed everybody, I know/Try not to hold that against me). The consensus among fans is that 11 months away only intensified his hunger, solidifying his position among today's best lyricists. The song is proof that cold split pea soup, public showers and a lengthy separation from his lovely wife's wayward top lip haven't affected the man's talent. I hesitate to mention that having Chris "The Bruiser" Brown singing the words "get back up" is obviously the punchline in a long-running joke by Uncle Jesus. Who doesn't love a self-depreciating, newly self-righteous repeat offender with a reoccurring "situation" on his lips and an enjoyable pseudo-intellectual flow? Peep the video below.

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