We ‘Love’ This YahZarah Remix By Ahmed Sirour

When Ahmed Sirour hit me up to tell me that he had a new remix on the way for a YahZarah song, I new immediately that it would be a win without the need of even hearing it first. Upon hearing said remix when it hit my inbox this morning, all I have to say is that I love being right. Sirour's take on "Love Come Save The Day" from The Ballad of Purple Saint James is one of those script-flipping remixes that totally changes the entire vibe of a song and makes you love it in an entirely new way. The sweetness of the original is retained but gets an edge with the addition of a slight drum and bass beat. This remix is the perfect follow up to the kick-ass "Why Dontcha Call Me No More" and can be yours for free in exchange for a tweet.

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2 Responses

  1. There is sumptin wrong with the link, it wont play..............

  2. It's working now, Stoney. Thanks for the heads up.


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