Who Wants To ‘Come To’ Jesse Boykins III’s ‘Room’?

If you tuned into last night's Soul Train Awards, then you hopefully not only saw Butta and Huny on the red purple carpet during the preshow, but you also got a chance to see the nominees for the Centric Award recognizing more underground talent than the mainstream wishes to highlight. While Jesse Boykins III did not win the award--congrats to Janelle Monáe--we at least get to experience the wild ride courtesy of his latest video for "Come To My Room" from The Beauty Created. Expect more velvety smooth harmonies and melodies perfect for setting adrift on memory bliss. 

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5 Responses

  1. This is killer. Marvin LIVES!

  2. Oh So Sexy. So Jesse. Loving it! Will be on repeat.

  3. Where is the new cd/tracks!!!!!!

  4. This is soooo smooth!! I love his music.

  5. This is soooo smooth!! I love his music.


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