Will Swizz Beatz & Rakim’s ‘King Tut’ Reign Supreme?

Apparently Swizz Beatz greeting his newest child Egypt with wife Alicia Keys has done nothing to slow down his production schedule. Last week we debuted Swizz Beatz track with Robin Thicke that garnered more yawns than cosigns. This week we now have "King Tut," which, depsite its beat that borders on grating then tolerable then grating again, features Rakim on its first verse. Rakim's flow is much slower on this one and forced me to really listen to his verse to make sure it truly was him but I must say that he really is one of the more standout features of this track. Take a listen and judge for yourself below. [H/T: PBB]

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2 Responses

  1. Swizz's flow, production, song composition...GARBAGE, even the god MC - RAKIM couldn't salvage this mess.

  2. Sounds horrible.


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