William Shatner Successfully Contributes To ‘F–k You’ Overkill

Cee-Lo Green has penned one of the most endearingly explicit songs of recent memory. Every time I hear the unedited version of "F--k You," it makes my toes tap and charms away any bitterness I may be feeling for three minutes or so, like a micro bee-bop therapy session or something. Yet despite all it has going to it--lots of cursing, Cee-Lo cry-singing, catchy lyrics--"F--k You" has been mainstreamed to the point that even Gwenyth Paltrow will be singing it on an upcoming episode of Glee. (Barf.) Plus, we're forced to endure William Shatner's bumpy arrival on the late bus no one was waiting for, also known as The George Lopez Show. Since the song is the punchline, Shatner's whole schtick is tired. We get it, the elders among us say "f--k." Watch this video and wonder why they didn't just bring out Cee-Lo to do the thing right.

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